Common horse health problems

October 19th, 2017
Most horses are very resilient animals, yet like all animals, they are subject to their own set of illnesses. They are susceptible to a number of common horse health problems and issues ranging from illness and disease,

What to know if you’re buying a British Shorthair

October 19th, 2017
There are many aspects that potential cat owners need to consider before acquiring a kitten or cat, with each breed having their own unique personalities and health care needs. Petplan takes a look at the origins, temp

Stomach upsets

October 16th, 2017
Most dogs experience tummy troubles from time to time – but it can be difficult to know exactly how to treat them, or when they may point to something more serious. Our guide can help you care for your pooch the next t

Four Life Stages of the Cat and Dog

October 12th, 2017
Cats and Dogs are susceptible to a variety of illnesses at all ages, whether it be when they are a puppy or kitten, or an older animal. It is important to be aware of these and know what to look out for during all stages

Horse body language

October 11th, 2017
Your horse’s body language can provide clues to his physical well being. Petplan Equine look at the possible reasons behind a range of ‘bad’ behaviours. Unhappy riding If your horse resents his girth being tightene

Rule makers vs rule breakers

October 9th, 2017
You may lay down the law with your dog, but what can you do if your family bends the boundaries? Tom Ward is all too familiar with the pleading look his family dog, Poncho, gives whenever he wants sofa time – especiall

Focus on a Healthy Long Life for your Horse

October 4th, 2017
At Petplan Equine we recognise that like humans, horses are living longer and healthier lives. With advancing veterinary technology and treatment-types there is much more we can do to help our horses enjoy their senior y

Guide to every breed of pet owner

October 1st, 2017
For every type of pet there is a different type of pet owner. This means they all see pet insurance differently too – from an essential part of caring for their best friend to a costly necessity or even an unnecessary

Hoof cracks – what you need to know

September 28th, 2017
As a horse is constantly on their feet, developing hoof cracks at some point in their life is inevitable. Many of these will heal themselves overtime with the right nutrition and hoof care; however there are a wide range

Body parts special: Joints

September 25th, 2017
Many owners think that joint problems only happen in older pets. But that’s not always the case, as Colin and Roxy Gateson found shortly after they adopted rescue dog Dexter. At home they noticed that the three year ol