Buying Pets Online

October 1st, 2018

Technology continues to change our lives every day, with no exception to how we find new pets. Buying pets online can make our lives a lot easier. It is now even possible to have a pet delivered straight to your door. There are plenty of advantages to pet finding online. But, it can also have it’s serious downfalls.

The main issue with online sales is that sellers are not regulated in the same way as offline. Although some states and websites have specific guidelines which sellers must adhere to, it is difficult to regulate whether these guidelines are being properly followed or not. Puppy farms, or puppy mills, include breeders who breed specifically for profit, which can often be at the expense of the animal. This can cause many issues for animals and buyers. Unfortunately, it is hard to distinguish between these and a genuine seller online. With less regulation, it is also easier for banned breeds to get onto the market.

Many websites which are used to purchase pets, contain misleading adverts and scams. Whether the seller is genuine or purposely misleading, many adverts can make animals appear to be something they are not. This could refer to the health of the animal, or the breed being different to the one advertised. Sellers may mislead buyers, in desperation to find their pet a new home. These websites generally rely on a photograph and description to advertise animals, which can easily be forged.

Pets can often come with no medical history when buying online. Health or behavioural problems may not be disclosed to the buyer, which can lead to serious issues for the pet and the new owner.

When buying a pet online, be sure to do a thorough check. Visit the sellers house to view the animal before purchasing if possible. Legitimate breeders will belong to a breeding association, so ask for their number and have it checked. Also be sure to ask for health certificates and records. If a seller is withholding information, be safe and go somewhere else.


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