4 Things to Avoid when Learning to Ride

April 4th, 2019

Riding a Horse for the first time will be far from perfect. There are many things to learn and many mistakes you’ll make along the way. But there are some lessons that you don’t need to learn for yourself.

  1. Securing yourself to the Horse

What’s more dangerous than falling off your Horse? Falling off your Horse and getting dragged along as they run away! It is common to want to attach yourself to the horse, to make yourself feel more stable and decrease you risk of falling. However, if you do fall it is important that you can fall freely as a pose to being dragged along by the Horse.

  1. Baggy Clothes

This follows on from our first point. Wearing baggy clothes increases your risk of getting caught in the saddle if you are to fall, also increases your risk of being dragged. Avoid this disaster by wearing tight fitting clothes.

  1. Releasing the Reins

When you feel that things are getting out of your control, you might want to let go of the reins and hold on to the horse for your life. But letting go of the reins can confuse your Horse and make situations worse. It is important to stay calm and keep a hold of the reins to help control the situation.

  1. No Helmet

One point that is very obvious but often overlooked is the helmet. It is extremely important to wear your helmet at all times. Even if you are planning on a quick, light stroll, you need to be prepared for all situations. Stay safe and always wear a helmet.

Learning to ride a horse can be a nervous time. But it is also great fun. Stick to these tips to ensure a safe ride.


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