5 Foal Facts

March 11th, 2019

Horses are considered Foals for their first year of life. If you have a mare that’s almost due, it may be time to read Petplan’s 5 foal facts.

  1. Night Babies

Foals are very often born in the night. This is thought to be a result of a Horse’s instinct to protect the foal from predators.

  1. Eating Habits

Foals will start on milk called colostrum immediately, and will drink about a quart of it. This will help to boost their immune system. By just 10 days, foals will also be eating grass and hay to receive the nutrition they need to grow.

  1. Long Legs

A foal’s legs are around 80-90% the length of what they will be when fully grown into adulthood. So this may explain the clumsiness!  It will also take a few days for a foal’s legs to straighten up.

  1. Quick bond

Foals bond with the mare almost instantly, through a way of communicating that humans cannot see.

  1. Time to Train

Although foals will have a few years ahead of them before you can start to ride them, this doesn’t mean that the training cannot start. Foals can be taught many things which will set them in good pace for riding.


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