Perfect Homes for Kittens

October 24th, 2019

It can be an anxious process, finding homes for your kittens. Whether delivered from your cat or rescued, if you cannot look after the kittens it is important to find the right home for them. Not just a short term fix, but parents who are willing to look after the cat for their full lifetime. We’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts when searching for the right adopters.

Fully Wean the Kittens
Some kittens are needier than others and may take longer than four weeks to be fully trained in eating cat food. Make sure the kitten is fully trained and ready before separating them from their mother.

Spay or Neuter
Make sure that you have your kittens desexed. It is an important factor in ensuring a long, healthy life. It is also important to be responsible and avoid any kittens ending up in a shelter. Kittens can be desexed from around 8 weeks. If it is not possible to do so, you can ensure your new adopters take out the procedure by taking a deposit off them. The deposit can be returned once the adopters show you evidence of the procedure.

Vet Check and Vaccinations
It is extremely important to have the kittens checked and have had all the necessary vaccinations.

Play and Socialise
Your kittens should be fully socialized and used to playing with people before they are adopted. It is important that the kittens feel confident and comfortable playing with humans.

Ask Questions
Gain as much information as you can on potential adopters and their homes to understand whether they are right for your kitten. Examples include:

  • Are you able to commit to the cat for their entire lifetime?
  • Are you aware of all the costs involved?
  • Is everyone in your household in agreement to adopt the kitten?
  • Have you owned cats before?
  • Are you aware of all of a cats natural behaviours?

Don’t do:

Advertise Free Kittens
It is highly important not to advertise or give your kittens away for free. Research has shown that people rarely place any value on something that was given to them for free. It is important you find an owner who values the kitten’s life and will treat it well. Unfortunately, when people are given pets for free they often disregard them too easily. Adding a cost can also avoid people who want to adopt the kitten for reasons such as animal testing or abuse.

Sell the Kittens without Talking
Don’t sell your kitten without having a discussion with the adopter first. Avoid people who ‘don’t have time to chat’ as they may be purposely holding something back.

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