Pet Christmas Safety

December 23rd, 2019

Christmas can be a very fun and exciting time! Enjoying all the festivities, spending time with your loved ones and eating the array of different food, are just some of the things that make Christmas such a wonderful time. It is important to remember that Christmas time can also present some dangers to your furry friends, so make sure to keep your pets safe this Christmas season by taking any necessary precautions.

Here are our Pet Christmas Safety Tips:

  1. Pet proof your Christmas tree. Yes Christmas trees are beautiful but they can be dangerous to your furry friend. Our curious pets will be inclined to explore this new object that has appeared in the house. Pets can jump onto the tree which can result in it falling down and your pet becoming injured. Christmas baubles, tinsel and edible decorations can cause upset stomachs and can also be chocked on. Make sure your Christmas tree is stable and secure and ideally placed in a spot that your pet cannot get to. Your pets should always be monitored around the Christmas tree to avoid any nasty accidents or injuries.
  2. Christmas foods and treats are sure yummy for us humans; however they are very bad and dangerous to our pets. It is important to make sure your pet does not go near any alcohol, chocolate, Christmas puddings, coffee, cracked bones, fruit cake, gravy, Christmas hams, grapes and raisins and many more. We all know our pets are crafty when it comes to sourcing food so if you suspect they may have eaten something they shouldn’t have or their behaviour has changed (e.g. poor breathing, vomiting, and diarrhoea) take them to the vet as soon as possible.
  3. The Christmas seasons calls for parties. If you are hosting a Christmas party or having more peopled over than usual, your furry friend may become overwhelmed and overstimulated. Before guests arrive take your pooch out for a walk to reduce their energy levels and potential anxiety. Also create a safe, quiet and relaxing place for your pet away from the party to give them some space.

Christmas should be an exciting time the whole family. So that the whole family, pets included are safe and happy over the Christmas period it is important to make sure your pet is not exposed to anything that could be harmful to them. Take any necessary precautions when needed and of course make sure to give your pet a special Christmas treat too.

Do you have any pet Christmas safety tips you would like to share?

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