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Coping With Winter

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
Winter has set in earlier than expected, here in New Zealand the weather can get extremely cold – ice and snow coating our yards. As warm, comfortable and cozy that we would like it to be for us, we must care for our f

Puppy Socialization – Get Off to a Good Start

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017
Puppy Socialization is a massive project to undertake as dog owners. It refers to the time and effort that both puppy and owners put into developing a much more happy, confident and accommodating dog. Socialization is a

Spaying 101 – Everything Pet Owners Need To Know

Monday, April 24th, 2017
Spaying, Neutering and De-sexing are all the same procedures with different terms. As pet owners these terms might be overwhelming with many apprehensive concerns and questions. As advocated by almost every animal welfar

Chocolate Toxicity

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017
With Easter around the corner, chocolates galore! As much as we all love chocolate and is a desired delight we must be mindful that this is not the same for our Canine and Feline friends.  As pet owners and care takers

Vet, Breeder, Charity and Pet Shop Programs

Monday, April 3rd, 2017
Petplan has been working with veterinary practices, breeders, charities and pet shops for many years now, helping to strengthen the bond between the business and customers. Veterinarians Petplan helps build a financial b

Bad Weather And Your Pets

Monday, March 20th, 2017
Thunderstorms and bad weather can leave your pets in a state of panic as the loud noises and bright flashes can scare and stress out your furry friend. We’ll take a look at what makes your pets so anxious during storms

Why Does My Dog Lick My Face?

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017
Love it or loather it, face-licking is a common and natural canine behaviour. Rather than simply being the equivalent of an affectionate doggy kiss, it signifies different things depending on the situation. It might expr

Understanding Pet Therapy

Monday, March 6th, 2017
Pet therapy is a way of helping people through the strength of the animal-human bond. It is an ever increasing area that sees all types of animals (in particular dogs) aiding in people’s recovery or helping them cope w

Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

Monday, February 27th, 2017
There are numerous activities for you and your dog to be involved in with many of these involving one main attribute, obedience. The amount of career opportunities that are available to dogs is endless – searching, res

Pet’s Pearly Whites

Monday, February 20th, 2017
It is estimates that nearly 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of 3 will have some form of dental disease. This can range from bad breath to much more serious gum diseases that can get infected and cause your pet h