Chocolate Toxicity

April 12th, 2017

With Easter around the corner, chocolates galore! As much as we all love chocolate and is a desired delight we must be mindful that this is not the same for our Canine and Feline friends.  As pet owners and care takers you must be aware of the risk of chocolate toxicity and keep your pets at bay.

Cats and Dogs are both at risk when it comes to consumption of chocolate. Dogs, due to their curious nature and extraordinary sense of smell tend to be habitual victims of chocolate toxicity.

Chocolate, made from cocoa beans contains a compound known as theobromine. Both theobromine and caffeine are properties that can be toxic to animals. Dogs and cats are far more sensitive to the consumption of these Methylxanthines substances, which are of varying proportions in different kinds of chocolate. As a general rule of thumb; higher jeopardy comes with darker chocolates; ones that contain more cocoa.

Unfortunately; there are some instances that are beyond our control and when your pet has ingested chocolate they must be taken to the vet immediately. During this time, do not panic; keep your furry one cool and calm. If you notice these common symptoms; Vomiting, Diarrhoea, increase in body temperature, seizure or rigid muscles, ring your vet for immediate relief/support that you can provide to assist your pet in coping better prior to rushing them to a nearby clinic. Always note, symptoms vary depending on the type and quantity of chocolate consumed which in turn reflects on the severity of the condition.

We at Petplan, understand the costs associated with such veterinary visits and are here to always provide you with support at all times.

During this very exciting and fun times, take control of keeping your furry friends safe!

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