Halloween Pet Safety Tips

October 31st, 2019

Halloween is a fun holiday for families and children to enjoy. But for our pets, it can be a scary time. Keep your pets safe this Halloween by following these simple steps!

  1. Hide the chocolates
    Keep your spooky treats well out of reach to avoid your pet consuming anything toxic. Chocolate is extremely poisonous to dogs and will result in them being very sick. Small amounts can cause vomiting, seizures and muscle tremors and large doses can be fatal. Avoid an emergency trip to the vets by keeping everything out of reach.
  1. Keep your pet indoors
    Unfortunately, people are known to pull pranks or cause harm to animals on Halloween, especially black cats. Many shelters will not even allow adoption of black cats over the Halloween period. Be cautious and keep pets and cats locked in the house overnight. Make sure there are no open windows for your cats to escape through.
  1. Keep your pet away from the door
    If you are allowing trick or treaters to come to your home then you may be continually opening your door throughout the night. It is important to keep your pet away from the door to keep them safe and comfortable. The amount of people turning up, along with their scary costumes may cause anxiety to your pet. They may also try to escape when the door opens. Prevent any escaping or anxiety by keeping your pet in a safe haven for them, such as a separate room or their crate.
  1. Be careful where you place your pumpkins
    Pumpkins can be a danger to pets for a number of reasons. If your pumpkin is lit by candles, there is a risk of the pet burning themselves or causing a fire. Uncooked Halloween pumpkins can cause Gastrointestinal upset and mouldy pumpkins can cause neurological problems. Keep pumpkins out of your pets reach to avoid any risks.
  1. Keep electric powered decorations out of harm’s way
    Halloween decorations may be mistaken for your pet toys. However, chewing on a battery powered decoration can cause serious harm to your pet. Keep any electric or battery powered decorations well out of your pets way.
  1. Avoid irritable pet costumes
    We all know how cute it is to see a Dachshund dressed up as a hot dog. But some outfits can be seriously irritating to pets. If you are going to dress your pet up, make sure the outfit is uncomfortable or annoying to your pet. Always pick an outfit that is non-flammable and non-toxic.
  1. Keep your pet ID’d
    You can be as vigilant as possible but your pet may still escape. Be prepared and keep your pet ID’d with a name tag and contact number. Microchip is always the safest option to ensure your pets safety.
  2. Use a sturdy leash on walks
    Finally, if you decide to take our dog out for a walk, use a sturdy, short leash. Your dog may get frightened by lots of people dressed up. So it is important to keep them close by and not able to run away.

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