Taking your Pet on Holiday

November 14th, 2019

You’ve got a vacation coming up but you’re not sure whether you should bring your pet along with you. Petplan will take you through some key tips and ideas for vacationing with pets.

What are your options?
Before you make the decision whether or not your furry friend will come along for the journey, consider their health and emotional needs. Some pets may get anxious and stressed when travelling in cars which could lead to more serious problems than what would have happened if you left them at a kennel (cats are usually not an ideal travel companion as they do not like change). Some pets are just not suited for travelling, while others thrive off it! If you can’t take your pet with you, you have to choose between a kennel/cattery or a pet sitter. Pet sitters can be a little more expensive than boarding places; however it may be what’s best for your pet if they have a major problem with separation anxiety.

Vet Checks
Your pet’s health and safety is of top priority. Therefore a vet check-up before you go on your journey should be scheduled in order to get up to date vaccinations and make sure they are in goo health. Do not give your pet any drugs to help with the travel unless they are prescribed by the vet themselves.

If you make the decision to take your pet with you, you need to start planning well before you set off. This includes making sure you have enough supplies, travel crate, leash and collar, copy of their vet history, and enough food and water to last them a couple of days (depending on where you are going and your access to supplies).

Some other things to plan for are:

  • Map out your journey and allow for breaks so they can stretch their legs and go to the toilet
  • Do not leave your pet in the car when it is warm, always take them with you
  • Make sure your accommodation is pet friendly and check the rooms for anything that your pet may swallow that could be dangerous
  • Be mindful of others at your accommodation as not all people want to be around pets
  • Bring spare doggy bags to scoop up their waste
  • There are different rules in different parks, so be sure to keep them on a leash at all times unless you are certain they are allowed to be off it
  • Always know the closest emergency vets in case there are any problems on the trip

By keeping your pet in mind when planning your vacation, you will be able to plan a fun and exciting adventure for the both of you. There are a number of blogs and Facebook groups that can help with ideas and destinations in your area that are pet friendly. This will also allow you to feel more comfortable that you’re creating a comfortable and safe travel environment for your four legged friend.

Let us know in the comments below about your vacation with your pets!

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