Walk Your Dog Month – January 2021

January 16th, 2021

January is Walk Your Dog Month and what better way to kick start your New Year Resolutions by heading out into the great outdoors and walking off some of that festive food and drink?

We’re very fortunate that New Zealand is one of the few countries not in Covid-19 lockdown and Walk Your Dog Month falls in our glorious summer. It’s the perfect time for you and your four-legged friend to head out and soak up the sunshine and the smells!

Here are 8 reasons why you and your canine companion should take part in Walk Your Dog Month:

    1. Good exercise
      Did you or your dog overindulge a little over the holiday season? Don’t worry, Walk Your Dog Month is great exercise for both of you and the perfect opportunity to shed a few pounds. There’s no better motivation to exercise than those sweet puppy dog eyes staring at you and the tail wagging to go with it!
    2. Improves mental well-being
      Physical activity releases endorphins that create a state of happiness. Much like their humans, dogs need mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Going for walks outside gives dogs an array of sights and smells they don’t normally experience while being stuck indoors. Being able to go outside and explore fulfils their tracking and chasing instincts, and your dog will feel very satisfied napping on the couch later.
    3. Extra Bonding Time
      Walk Your Dog Month means you get to spend more bonding time with your pup. If that’s not a great reason to love this month, then we don’t know what is.
    4. Meeting other people
      Ever notice that when you’re out with your dog, strangers often smile, say hello, and even strike up a conversation? Walking your dog means you are much more likely to meet other people in your neighbourhood who are also out and about with their dogs. It’s good to be social, both for you and for your dog.
    5. A less stressed dog
      We all know exercise helps us sleep better and reduces stress. Well, the same goes for your pup. Daily walks with your dog will lower both of your stress levels and can even help manage some bad behaviours. When dogs misbehave or act out, it’s often because they’re not getting enough attention or exercise. A daily walk can help ease separation anxiety and destructive behavior that comes from boredom.
    6. A healthier dog
      Walking is so good for your dog’s body in countless ways. Getting your pup’s heart pumping gives them fresh oxygenated blood and a rush of energy keeping it healthy for many years to come. Walking also lubricates their joints, speeds up their metabolism and burns calories. Regular walks and exercise can help control your dog’s weight and limit the chances of them becoming obese.
    7. Explore somewhere new
      After a period of you and your pup walking the same route, it can start to feel boring. Change up your path a little to create more excitement. You and your canine companion could try one of the NZ Herald’s 7 of the best places to walk your dog in New Zealand.
    8. Because your dog enjoys it
      Why wouldn’t you want to include something so simple, yet so enjoyable for your pup in their day? Our doggies don’t ask for much, just some love, attention and yummy food. So, giving them time each day where they get to do what they love, will ultimately lead to a very happy dog.What better gift can you give your dog other than a longer and higher quality of life?

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