Four Basic Horse Care Tips

May 6th, 2019

As an owner, it is your responsibility to provide and look after your horse. Here is our guide to some basic horse care tips.


Your horse should always have an adequate amount of good quality feed such as pasture, hay or chaff to keep them healthy and their body in good condition. Make sure you are not feeding them moldy hay as this can cause serious health problems.


Unlimited supply of fresh clean water should be available to your horse at all times. A dam or self-filling trough is best however you can use other items such as bathtubs – although these must be checked daily and re-filled if necessary. A horse can drink anywhere between 25-45 litres a day so you should always be checking on their water supply and making sure that it is not contaminated with mold, fungi or any other possible problems.


In some areas, weather can turn extreme within a matter of minutes. Your hose should have a sheltered area where they can escape extreme weather if need be. A walk in shed is best; however trees or other coverage areas are suitable. In the winter months, a waterproof rug is a great accessory to protect your horse from the elements. This will need to be checked regularly to ensure it is not rubbing, slipping or leaking.

4. Exercise

Unless you are exercising your horse on a daily basis they will need a large space/paddock that they can walk and run around in. They need this exercise area to strengthen their muscles and relieve stiffness in joints – even during the colder months.

When you eventually bring your horse home, they are relying on you to provide for them. Not only will you need to follow the basics provided above, you will also need to groom them weekly and check for signs of possible problems.



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