Jealousy in Dogs

January 20th, 2020

Jealousy in dogs can trigger from a variety of reasons. Your dog may simply be bored, and may need more exercise and mental stimulation. Sometimes a change in environment can mean dogs find it hard to share us with another pet or person. These changes can include new pets, new people around the house or a change in routine.

There are many signs of jealousy in a dog. These vary from the more obvious: Growling, hissing, fighting with another pet, being pushy and attempting to scare off people or other pets. Your dog may start to give you extra attention or start to crowd your space. You may find your dog lying across your desk or following you into the bathroom. Increasing the amount of tricks they do can be a good sign as they are desperately trying to gain your attention.

Whether your dog gets jealous around other pets or humans do not give your dog attention when they start to act up. This will only make the issue worse as you are rewarding them for their behavior. Instead, reward them with your attention when they are calm. If they act up when you go to pet another dog, or go towards another person, ignore them until they have calmed down. Once they have calmed down, immediately pat them, so they associate this good behavior with getting the attention they desire.

If you are struggling with jealousy between pets, try to avoid giving them attention as soon as you arrive home. Enter the house and do not acknowledge them until you have settled. If you go straight to the pets then they will fight for your attention.

If your dog is acting jealous towards your partner, give them space to let them bond. Let your partner take the dog for walks; feed him his meals and other tasks that you would usually do. This will build up trust between your dog and partner, and will allow your dog to see that they do not need to compete for attention.

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