Tips On Keeping Your House Clean

September 23rd, 2019

Owning a pet can lead to a messy house, whether it’s because of their shedding or the fact that they bring unwanted mud and dirt in from the outside. In any case, it can be quite embarrassing having guests around when your house is covered in hair and dirt from your four-legged friends. Petplan will take a look at what you need to do in order to keep your place spotless without keeping your furry friend outside.

Bath time
Bathing your cat or dog regularly goes a long way to keep them smelling great and getting rid of all the unwanted fur and dirt. Although you can’t overdo it as this can strip their coats of all the essential oils that stop their skin from becoming dry. Dogs should be bathed more often than cats, usually once every two weeks or so unless they are especially stinky!
To make your pet enjoy baths, you can include the following:

  • Lukewarm or cool water to avoid their skin drying out
  • Offer treats and praise to make it enjoyable for them
  • Place a non-slip mat in the tub to make them feel secure and safe
  • Only use dog-friendly shampoos
  • Make bath times predictable and consistent as dogs thrive on routine

Brush Often
Brushing your pet regularly is not only a sure-fire way of keeping the house clean; it also has additional health benefits for your pet. It minimises the shedding caused by your pet and will help release essential oils that keep your pets skin and fur healthy. Normally every second day you should be brushing your pet unless they have a thick coat which will mean brushing every day should be the norm.

House Cleaning
If you’re particularly worried about the hair that your pet leaves behind, you should think about investing in vacuum cleaners and spot removers that are specifically made for pets.  Cleaning your house weekly with these items will help reduce the amount of hair that will be on couches and other areas that may find their way on guests. Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies of couches as these spots tend to hide the most amount of fur.

Dirt Removal
If your pet regularly comes in and out of the house, you’ll notice that they often drag mud, dirt and other debris into the house. This can be dealt with by leaving an old towel near the door, and wiping your pet down before they come in – especially around the paws. Specially formulated pet wipes are also a great help as they remove any loose dirt from their fur and your pet smells great!

When it comes to keeping your house clean and smelling great, it is important to remember that keeping to a regular routine will help the most. By brushing your pet and cleaning them often, you will be able to maintain a household that is not only welcoming to guests but allows them to leave without taking any fur or dirt with them!


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