Weight Watching

September 10th, 2018

Our pudgy pets may look cute and cuddly when they’re carrying extra weight. But it can have a big impact on their health and quality of life. Just like us humans, when animals are carrying extra weight it is harder to be active, enjoy every day activities, and increases the risk of serious health issues.

We all love to spoil our pets. And it takes impossible amounts of willpower to turn down those big, beautiful eyes when they are begging to share your food. However, overfeeding and low levels of activity are main causes of weight gain, and will have a large impact on your pet’s health. Breed and age can also be factors in weight gain, as smaller breeds can be more prone to obesity, as are older animals. Weight gain can be caused by pre existing diseases, so it’s always important to check up with your vet.

Your pet’s reproductive status is also something to consider when watching their weight. Certain animals need fewer calories once they have been neutered. So, their amount of food needed would decrease slightly.

Research shows that too much food and not enough exercise can lead to health problems such as heart and respiratory diseases, bone and joint problems, diabetes and cancer. Naturally, these diseases have a detrimental affect to the happiness of your pet, and run the risk of shortening their life.

It’s perfectly fine to treat your pet in moderation. But table scraps are better to be avoided. Not all human food is healthy for our furry friends, and may wack their nutrition way out of balance. Regular feeding times and balanced portions can help ensure you are feeding your pet a healthy amount. Make sure the food you are feeding them is right for their age, size and breed type. Different pets will need different levels of nutrition.

Along with a balanced diet, regular exercise will keep your pet at a health weight and improve their quality of life. It’s important to get outside and with your pet and enjoy activities such as walks and runs, and playing in the park. Not only will this make your pet feel good on the inside but their mental health will improve to, as will yours.


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