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At Petplan, we know it is never easy when your pet is sick or has had an accident, however we hope they are now back up to speed.

Petplan Pet Insurance is dedicated to pets being able to have the best veterinary care available when they need it most.

We love to see happy, healthy Petplan protected pets, so why not share with us how Petplan helped you what they were sick. Either post a picture of your pet and your story on our Facebook page or email us the details.
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The Proof of Our Success is in Our Pet Insurance Reviews

 Pet insurance is very much in its infancy in New Zealand, but gradually pet owners are coming around to the idea that to be a responsible owner you need to have a plan in place should your furry friend become sick or be seriously injured in an accident. Of course, if you have a surplus of disposable income to take care of the vet’s bills then you’re very fortunate, but for most of us, the thought of having to fork out thousands of dollars for our pet’s treatment is enough to make us break out in a cold sweat.

Real Pet Insurance Reviews by Real People

By taking pet insurance, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your financial commitments are covered should the worst happen, but more importantly that your pet will get the care and treatment that they need.

But while, as a pet insurance provider, we can go on all day about how good our policies are and how we’ll be there for you in your hour of need, nothing comes close to reading real life stores and pet insurance client reviews. And that’s why, at Petplan, we love receiving pet insurance reviews from our satisfied customers. In fact, we’d say you should be wary of any insurance companies that can’t supply you with any!

Read our Reviews for Yourself

When it comes to providing pet insurance reviews, NZ pet owners aren’t backwards in coming forwards. They love to tell it how it is – the good bits and the bad! But as you’ll see from the reviews on our site – they’re all overwhelmingly positive – although sometimes the stories make pretty harrowing reading. And we’re sure you wouldn’t want to think that your pet had been through some of the traumas of the animals in these stories, would you?

But the overarching message from all our reviews is that there was a successful outcome and that we handled the claim in an efficient but empathetic way. Sometimes, we can’t save a pet, but what we can do is give you the financial and emotional support you need to get through the ordeal. Some of the stories bring tears to your eyes, some make you smile, but all have an overriding message that having pet insurance was a godsend at a difficult time.

Let’s Hear Your Story

If you’re a satisfied Petplan customer, we’d love to hear your story. We want our customers to review the pet insurance provided by Petplan, even if it does contain some negatives. Everybody can learn something from mistakes, and we’re no exception. But as we said, you’ll see that our reviews are overwhelmingly positive – and that’s because we genuinely care about making a difference to the lives of you and your pet.

And if you’re yet to become a Petplan customer, take some time to read our reviews, check out our policies and request an online quote or, alternatively, speak to one of our advisors. It could be the single most important thing that you do for your pet today.
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  • Specter's Story

    Specter's Story

    Meet my fur baby Specter (named after the lawyer in Suits), has had a rough time with allergies during his 3 years with me. Thanks to the awesome support from Petplan, Specter has been able to receive the specialised care he needs to get through the 'high level of pollen' seasons. 
    Thanks, Petplan ... you have been amazing!!
    Julienne & Spectre

    #lovemypet #petplan
  • Dougal's Story

    Dougal's Story

     The Petplan team was extremely efficient, helpful, and supportive during our dog Dougal's thyroid cancer treatment a couple of months ago. All correspondence was quick and clear. We have been with Petplan for several years and are extremely happy with their professional service. We will definitely recommend Petplan for anyone who is seeking a reliable insurance cover for the pets.

    Amit, Crid and Dougal (the golden retriever)"
  • Messi's Story

    Messi's Story

    On Tuesday morning during the lock down Messi woke up and would not stop vomiting. He had done this the two previous mornings, but only threw up once and was fine for the rest of the day, but this Tuesday he would not stop. We got the earliest appointment at the vets that we could, and after we decided to x-ray him to see if there was anything stuck in his tubes, we discovered a rock in his small intestine! The wonderful vets down at At The Vets operated straight away and $1600* later he is good as new minus the rock! Thank goodness for Petplan for making what could have been a very stressful situation for us during a scary time, into an easy one!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.
  • Max's Story

    Max's Story

    Max is 7 years old and has had 7 surgeries! He has had operations on all four limbs (one of them twice), his throat and he has had a lump removed. Petplan have helped every step of the way. Despite all this he is the happiest, most loving dog. He loves to explore the beach and swim in the sea or play in the garden with his family. Being a Labrador, he loves to eat! But his favourite thing is a good old tummy rub. 
  • Izzy's Story

    Izzy's Story

    Izzy is a rescue Mastiff x Staffy. We became her guardians when she was approx 12 weeks old. Due to her despicable start in life, unbeknown to us, her bones never had a chance to develop correctly. Without Petplan we could never have given her the chance she got. 3 TPO operations later and she's a new dog. Almost bionic even. She turns 4 this December.
  • Aspen's Story

    Aspen's Story

    Aspen is a 5 year old Shih Tzu. She expects walkies every morning and knows we are going when I start brushing my teeth!  She does not like the pressure cooker at all, she goes absolutely crazy even if she sees it and wont settle until it is put away. Shes a one of a kind, thinks shes everyone's friend but knows who her Dad is!
  • Noodles and Fergus' Story

    Noodles and Fergus' Story

    Meet Noodles and Fergus!
    About Noodles the Wire Fox Terrier: Beyoncé coined the phrase “Yas Kween” after observing Noodles delicately devouring a three week old piece of chicken she found on the sidewalk during one of their weekly private Skype sessions. When not chatting with other superstars and diplomats, she spends her time daydreaming about inane but supremely creative life requirements in a bespoke armchair created for her by Marc Newson. 
    About Fergus the West Highland Terrier: Happy-go-lucky Fergus is right-hand terrier to Noodles. He adores multi-tasking management of several toys, inadvertently creating the soon-to-be popular dance move “The Rampant Lion” whilst doing so. Fergus is always ready for/demanding of a cuddle at 4am and rocks his marine-themed bandana like pro.
  • Minnie-Mae's Story

    Minnie-Mae's Story

    Minnie-Mae is a small dog with a big personality! Her favorite things to do are go swimming at the beach, playing with her friends and of course eating! 
    Last year Minnie had an accident and needed emergency eye surgery. Her human was very worried that she would lose the eye, but with a fantastic team at the Manukau After Hours Clinic looking after Minnie-Mae she made a full recovery. We were very thankful to everyone who cared for Minnie and were of course so grateful that we had a policy with Petplan who covered all costs associated with her surgery. Minnie-Mae is about to celebrate her 2nd birthday and looks forward to spending it running around the dog park with her friends. 
  • Bee's Story

    Bee's Story

    Meet Bee! The 2 year old snuggle loving, fetch craving Greyhound × Australian Kelpie and she is the most gentle loving fur baby you'll ever meet.
    Her favourite thing to do is her sudden bouts of 50kmph Zoomies including leaping, spinning, figure eights and running up and down the freshly made beds. She also enjoys roaching – sleeping on her back, gangly feet with her legs spread in every direction. She doesn’t like the cold so she snuggles into her fabulous pink and purple jumper to keep her extra toasty and dry in the winter.
  • Blaze and Flash's Story

    Blaze and Flash's Story

    Meet Blaze & Flash! These Red Burmese 6 month old brothers are fabulous company, totally bonkers crazy at times and also just plain lazy.
  • Jack & Nicky's Story

    Jack & Nicky's Story

    Meet Jack & Nicky! These 6 year old West Highland Terriers love cuddles, walks on the beach and life.
  • Sonny's Story

    Sonny's Story

    Meet Sonny! He is such a handsome Birman boy with a beautiful coat and piercing eyes. Plus, he is such a poser for a photo!
  • Solo's Story

    Solo's Story

    Meet Solo! He loves to help out in garden helping where he can, he a good digger ad supervises over everyone!
  • Cyrus' Story

    Cyrus' Story

    Cyrus is the newest member of our family.  He has the most gentle personality, enjoys having his tummy rubbed and a good brush behind the ears is the best.
    Cyrus loves to play with his toys. Cyrus has had his first bath already and loved the water.  Easily trained to stay way from climbing the curtains. A wee squirt from water bottle is all it took. I just have to pick up the bottle and shake it and off he goes. 
  • Gus' Story

    Gus' Story

    Always the joker, Gus LOVES to perform in front of an audience and make them laugh. He's also sharp-witted, and knows exactly how to use his super-expressive (and cute) face to his advantage. Gus is not all sunshine and roses though.Wanting to be just like his musical dad, and always the performer, he's extremely vocal out in public. Sadly his voice might just be the worst you've ever heard. You can't be good at everything Gus!
  • Louie's Story

    Louie's Story

    This is Louie. Despite his size, he has a massive, cheeky personality and always draws attention with his cuteness. He is regularly stopped on walks and remarked on being dapper for his latest fashion trends. Louie is not held back by his small size and absolutely loves playing with and barking at bigger dogs whilst stealing the spotlight!
  • Bubbles and Sausage's Story

    Bubbles and Sausage's Story

    These two are Bubbles, a Bengal and Sausage, who is a Toyger. The boys are both three years old and full of mischief. Bubbles went missing for a whole eight months last year, so the family were very lucky to get him back. Bubbles owner posted all over lost pet pages until it finally paid off when someone spotted him at a beach thirty km away!
  • Maverick's Story

    Maverick's Story

    This is Maverick the Papillon. He was a very sick puppy but nobody knew why. Maverick had an MRI which then led to a laparotomy. It was discovered that he had a condition called Micro Vascular Dysplasia. But Maverick doesn't let this stop him from doing anything - including jumping out of windows. He's a very clever, delightful boy. He now has medication twice a day for his liver condition but he's still a happy chappy.
  • Mya's Story

    Mya's Story

    Mya is a three year old Golden Retriever.

    At just 12 months old, she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, which meant that she had to have her leg amputated. The specialists had never seen a Golden Retriever of her age with this type of Cancer. They knew that the amputation would instantly relieve the pain but it was thought that Mya would still only have 6 months at the most.
    However, the amputation was a success and turned out to be the best thing for Mya. She proved everyone wrong and was back to her naughty self in no time. Two years later, Mya is defying the odds and living her life to the fullest. 
  • Lochie's Story

    Lochie's Story

    This is Lochie. He has just turned 3. He has been a therapy dog since he was 9 weeks old. Therapy work is very rewarding and Lochie loves his job. His smile and enjoyment of sharing a cuddle makes him a very special boy. Lochie visits the Childrens Ward at the Hospital where children, parents and staff are delighted to see him. From entering the ward he works his magic on everyone he meets.
    He also visits Rest Homes. Last year Lochie became a star attraction at the Otago University Students Association “cuddle fix” sessions. Groups of students came for cuddles to relieve stress. Many were away from home and missed their own pets. This photo was taken at his first session.
  • Cleo's Story

    Cleo's Story

    This mini schnauzer is Cleo. She has made good use of her pet insurance. Her first experience with the Emergency Vet was a late night dash after she was found crying and shaking in the back yard. She yelped every time anyone went near her mouth. Three hours later, the vet finally found a bee sting in her tongue. The poor little poppet hasn't gone near a bee since.
    Her second trip to the Emergency Vet was after she'd had a good lick at something smelly at the beach and ended up with hemorrhagic diarrhea.
    Finally, she ended up at a Specialist Vet after exhibiting intermittent hind leg lameness that looked to be neurological in nature. Her family were very relieved when it was eventually resolved.
  • Ingwe and Bertie's Stories

    Ingwe and Bertie's Stories

    Hi guys, I just wanted to send my gratitude. These are my dogs - Ingwe and Bertie. Both are insured with you and will be for the rest of their lives. I wanted to thank you, in particular, for looking after the boy on the left. I found him outside the vet clinic I was employed by at the time when he was approximately 5 weeks old - he will be 3 in June. In this short time this dog, with a face only a mother could love, has had 4 ops for his luxating patella’s 2 lots of X-rays and multiple visits to the doggy dermatologist. He is what my vet nurse friends refer to lovingly as 'an absolute contraption'! I wanted to write and thank you because without you this boy would have only 2 functioning legs and would spend his entire life miserably itchy and with chronic skin infections. Your infallible cover has allowed him a quality of life the lucky little bugger would otherwise stand no chance of having. Beautiful Bertie turns 8 this year and I am so delighted that he is covered for life as we approach his senior years. I am grateful to work in the industry to have a platform to tell people about your fantastic service, and I am grateful every day for the life you have given my boys. Thank you Petplan!
  • Murphy's Story

    Murphy's Story

    Poor Murphy received caustic burns from licking his paws after our neighbour sprayed their gully. Murphy was in hospital for 3 nights with severe burns to his mouth and tongue. The Rapa Vets took great care of him and we were thankful for having pet insurance in place. Our claim was handled so quickly and efficiently.  Thank you Petplan. As you can see our “boss” has made a remarkable recovery.
  • Jaspers story

    Jaspers story

    Hi all at Petplan,

    I would just like to say thank you for the respectful way that you dealt with the insurance for the loss  of  our beautiful cat Jasper, it  was such a relief that  you made it such an easy process when we were going through an traumatic grieving process.  Previous experience with dealing with any insurance company has always been an up hill battle. So I thank you so much.  When the time is right for us to get another animal we will definitely be using your service again and recommending you to others.

  • Jerry Lee's Story

    Jerry Lee's Story

    This is our 4 year old German Shepherd - Jerry Lee! Jerry has multiple life long medical conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Hip Dysphasia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Juvenal Hepatic Fibrosis and allergies. Although he has needed multiple surgeries, he is still alive and fighting due to the awesome team of vets and assistance from Petplan.

    Without insurance we would have struggled to offer him the best care around. We never thought we would get him to 1 year let alone 4! We are looking forward to many happy years.
  • Skater's Story

    Skater's Story

    My name is Skater! Having two torn ACL surgeries at 12 months old meant weeks of recovery and time spent in close quarters with my peeps. Having insurance, the cost was one thing less to worry about.

    Now I have arthritis and am on a mix of prescribed and homeopathic remedies but life is great! The days revolve around me, my fave things are cuddles, people, swimming and treats - not necessarily in that order.

  • Marley's Story

    Marley's Story

    Petplan have once again shown what an incredible insurance company they are. 
    I have had my pets insured with them since they were babies and fortunately it has only been in recent times that I have had to make any claims. 
    My beautiful Maine Coon Marley is alive and well thanks to Petplan. 

    Only about two years ago she got an infection which left her with one lung and now another one which has left her with heart and kidney disease. 
    On both occasions Petplan staff were wonderful and paid out my claims. 
    I recommend Petplan to family, friends, colleagues and total strangers who one bumps into and you get talking about pets with. Some of these individuals have gone on to insure their pets with Petplan. 
    Thank you Petplan, you are wonderful!
  • Beanie's Story

    Beanie's Story

    Just wanted to share the success of one of my dogs after all the help from Petplan last year...
    My rescue girl Beanie partially ruptured her Achilles Tendon last year. Because it was not a full rupture treatment was experimental, often didn't work and extremely expensive due to failed treatments.

    Over 12 months we drove from Wellington to Palmerston North every few weeks for more treatment and assessments, as well as weekly treatments and follow-ups in Wellington.

    Over 40 vet appointments later, months of laser treatment, many nights of her staying in hospital, trail treatments, finally surgery to repair the tear... 9 months crate confined and long extensive rehabilitation... My girl can finally get back to walking again in her old age and work on her massive weight gain can now begin to get her back to full health.

    Without having her insured with Petplan, I wouldn't have been able to get her the help that she needed, and I now have my best friend at my side for a good few more years. Treatments totalled over $9,000 and every claim I put in was processed without question, and promptly.
    Thank you Petplan for helping me to give a quality of life back to my rescue girl. What a ride, the look of freedom on her face now when at the park is priceless.
  • Basil’s Story

    Basil’s Story

    Petplan paid over $3,800

    Hi there, I saw the testimonial on your Facebook page about Dodge, and felt I should absolutely share our experience with Petplan during a very stressful time with our cat Basil. In October last year he came home missing the top of his tail. It was at night and he'd slipped out before I could lock him up for the night. We raced to After Hours in a panic where we were told he'd have to lose a large part of his tail and stay overnight. The vet suspected he'd been hit by a car.
    A week later, he started passing blood in his urine and was in loads of discomfort, so off to the vet we went where he was put on a host of antibiotics and anti-depressants (apparently trauma can cause cats to get bladder infections).

    Things seemed to get somewhat better until shortly before Christmas, the most financially stressful time of year for anyone. He lost weight and one afternoon just wouldn't get up. Off to the vet we went again, where he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. The outlook was dismal, we already had a cat put down with kidney failure and we were devastated. The cost to flush his kidneys was crippling with little chance of success but because we had insurance we made the decision to give it a try. The vet gave us odds of 10% for recovery but we took it, he is our ginger ninja after all.

    He responded better than anticipated, and has been on a special diet and so far has shown no further symptoms of the kidney failure. We truly got our Christmas miracle!

    The reason we got pet insurance was because of the last cat, it cost us over $3500 and nearly did us in financially. Boy are we glad we did!

    Petplan paid out over $3,800* for Basil’s Chronic Kidney Failure.

    The process was easy, and we had the money into our account within a few weeks. I can't thank them enough for the peace of mind they provide and because of that we were able to give Basil the chance he needed. You guys are great!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.
  • Frankie's Story

    Frankie's Story

    I know you must  deal with a lot of pet deaths, but it meant a lot to us to get your card. Thank you. Also thank you for your bossing the vet to get the paperwork done when Frankie was attacked on the beach by an out-of-control mad Mastiff 3 years ago.
    The procedure is in place  for a claim and I have done my bit with Herne Bay Vet, and they will get Doggy Ascot (as I call it) in Carrington Road to do their sign off. Prob will be snail mail.  When that is completed I will need, naturally, to cancel my insurance for Frankie.  Bet I contact you again, though,  to re-sign for another animal. Maybe Burmese kittens again. They have been great family buddies in the past.
    Weird on the boat this weekend back and forth from Waiheke without Frankie. Have to think of the positives, so realised I could sit inside and avoid the storms. 
    Many thanks, again, for your kind and efficient support.
  • Millie's Story

    Millie's Story

    Our 16 month old Lab Millie injured her Cruciate of Ligament earlier this year and the Specialist Veterinary Surgeon recommend a TPLO Surgery. This coincided with a challenging time for the Team at Petplan New Zealand as the were in the process of a system upgrade which encountered a number of issues during the roll out period. Whilst frustrating for me the policyholder the Customer Service Team at all times were patient, understanding and as fellow pet owners themselves extremely empathetic to my needs as a Customer and Pet Owner. 
    I had to submit a number of related invoices for a variety of treatments throughout the Claims process, the Team endeavored to process each claim as efficiently as possible during a difficult time for them.
    The surgery has been a complete success much to our relief and I would like to pass my thanks onto the Customer Service and Claims Team, in particular to Rachel for their support and assistance during what was a stressful time for all of us.
    Jayne Rice
  • Belle’s Story

    Belle’s Story

    Petplan paid over $19,000

    Belle our 2 year old Spoodle was playing ball with us at the local dog park when something caught her eye and she took off onto the road and straight into the path of a car. We rushed her to the nearest vet clinic and discovered she had hurt her pelvis and would require immediate surgery. Luckily for Belle, she is covered with Petplan Pet Insurance otherwise we would not have been able to provide her with the best possible treatment. Belle is recovering well and will soon be back to her mischievous self. Everyone at Petplan has been so understanding and ensured that all of our claims were paid promptly. Thank you Petplan!

  • Morris's Story

    Morris's Story

    Petplan paid over $4,000

    Petplan covered a vet bill of over $4000 for Morris, who was hit by a car. The cat's owners Monique & Margaret say:

    "Morris was knocked by a car resulting in a dislocated hip, # pelvis and lacerations. Our Pt Chev Vets provided fantastic initial emergency treatment and then referred Morris to VSG where he received remarkable care from Dr Alastair Coomer and the staff at VSG. Two months down the track Morris is well-healed and happily tearing about the place, as if nothing happened!"

    With the peace of mind that the treatment expenses were covered by their pet insurance, Monique & Margaret could concentrate on providing the best treatment for Morris rather than worring about the vet bill!

  • Kipu's Story

    Kipu's Story

    David Goldstein's beloved 3 year old pug Kipu suffered hind-limb paralysis - which, along with the mental and physical stress, also left David with a vet bill of over $8500 for treatment!

    In November last year, David noticed Kipu was off his food and wouldn’t even eat chicken, which was unusual. So he was taken to the vet, who suspected sore tummy and/or sore spine. But by the evening of the same day, Kipu was showing signs of hindlimb ataxia, and had developed hindlimb paralysis the next morning!

    He was then referred to specialists who performed a myelogram and deduced that Kipu had intervertebral disk disease. A decompression surgery was performed and Kipu has been having regular hydrotherapy sessions since.

    The expense so far has exceeded $8500, but thankfully Kipu was insured with Petplan, relieving David of at least the financial aspect of the distress. We hope that both Kipu and David recover from the physical and the emotional stress very soon!

  • Diesel's story

    Diesel's story

    The Petplan Team is very happy to have been able to help Diesel!

    “Hi I would like to say a BIG thank you to Pet Plan, for all the payouts I have received for my dog Diesel. I took the policy out when Diesel was a pup and I could never have foreseen the trouble we would have with her cruciate ligaments in both hind legs. Then cartilage removal, and not to mention the tail.

    It got to the point where I thought you would stop covering this animal, and I did feel truly guilty about all the claims I have lodged with you.

    For every claim it has been a great experience, with everything going well on documentation and refunds. It is great to use an insurance company like you that does exactly what it says on the tin, and won’t try to wriggle out of liability and responsibility

    So I would like to give you a heart felt GOOD ON YA from us and Diesel.

    Kind regards.. Steve Craven-Jones”

  • Evie's Story

    Evie's Story

    Petplan paid $7,489

    Evie is our beloved family cat. Six weeks ago she was hit by a car, and we were told the only options were to put her down, or to have costly surgery to reattach her pelvis. Luckily, we didn't have to make that decision, as we knew Pet Plan would come through in situations such as this. Evie spent two weeks being looked after full time by the team at Veterinary Specialist Group - the best vet care around. Knowing that the bills were covered kept a massive weight from our shoulders, and meant that we could focus on Evie's recovery. The team at Pet Plan were fantastic - sympathetic and understanding, they kept us informed of the claim the whole way through, and promptly paid out. Without Pet Plan, Evie wouldn't be here with us today.

    Thank you!
    Eli, Haley and Evie, Auckland


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