Date: 11/09/17

Frankie's Story

I know you must  deal with a lot of pet deaths, but it meant a lot to us to get your card. Thank you. Also thank you for your bossing the vet to get the paperwork done when Frankie was attacked on the beach by an out-of-control mad Mastiff 3 years ago.
The procedure is in place  for a claim and I have done my bit with Herne Bay Vet, and they will get Doggy Ascot (as I call it) in Carrington Road to do their sign off. Prob will be snail mail.  When that is completed I will need, naturally, to cancel my insurance for Frankie.  Bet I contact you again, though,  to re-sign for another animal. Maybe Burmese kittens again. They have been great family buddies in the past.
Weird on the boat this weekend back and forth from Waiheke without Frankie. Have to think of the positives, so realised I could sit inside and avoid the storms. 
Many thanks, again, for your kind and efficient support.

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