Date: 01/04/19

Ingwe and Bertie's Stories


Ingwe and Bertie's Stories

Hi guys, I just wanted to send my gratitude. These are my dogs - Ingwe and Bertie. Both are insured with you and will be for the rest of their lives. I wanted to thank you, in particular, for looking after the boy on the left. I found him outside the vet clinic I was employed by at the time when he was approximately 5 weeks old - he will be 3 in June. In this short time this dog, with a face only a mother could love, has had 4 ops for his luxating patella’s 2 lots of X-rays and multiple visits to the doggy dermatologist. He is what my vet nurse friends refer to lovingly as 'an absolute contraption'! I wanted to write and thank you because without you this boy would have only 2 functioning legs and would spend his entire life miserably itchy and with chronic skin infections. Your infallible cover has allowed him a quality of life the lucky little bugger would otherwise stand no chance of having. Beautiful Bertie turns 8 this year and I am so delighted that he is covered for life as we approach his senior years. I am grateful to work in the industry to have a platform to tell people about your fantastic service, and I am grateful every day for the life you have given my boys. Thank you Petplan!

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