Date: 19/08/19

Noodles and Fergus' Story


Noodles and Fergus' Story

Meet Noodles and Fergus!
About Noodles the Wire Fox Terrier: Beyoncé coined the phrase “Yas Kween” after observing Noodles delicately devouring a three week old piece of chicken she found on the sidewalk during one of their weekly private Skype sessions. When not chatting with other superstars and diplomats, she spends her time daydreaming about inane but supremely creative life requirements in a bespoke armchair created for her by Marc Newson. 
About Fergus the West Highland Terrier: Happy-go-lucky Fergus is right-hand terrier to Noodles. He adores multi-tasking management of several toys, inadvertently creating the soon-to-be popular dance move “The Rampant Lion” whilst doing so. Fergus is always ready for/demanding of a cuddle at 4am and rocks his marine-themed bandana like pro.

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