Date: 10/05/17

Pets - Diet & Nutrition


Pets - Diet & Nutrition

It is vital that as pet owners you feed your pet a healthy and balanced diet. Nutrition and diet plays a significant role in your buddies’ wellbeing.  Following is a snippet of what you your pets’ nutritional requirements and diet should consist of.

All dogs and cats require an intake that consists of six basic nutrients, Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals and Water. Each of these are vital, yet vary in quantity required for every animal. They all need energy, and this can be supplied through fats, protein and carbohydrates. Vitamins, minerals and water are necessary for metabolic activity.

Creating a balanced nutritional intake is key, preferably using premium pet food. Over and under feeding your pets with any or either can cause health disorders, nutritional deficiencies, imbalance, toxicity and obesity. Alongside pet food, it is recommended to supplement their diet with natural bones and vegetables.

Cats are bound carnivores, meaning they must have a diet that primarily consists of meat. The nutrient derived from meat provides them with the required proportion of protein, amino acids and fatty acids.

Dogs have a more flexible digestive system that allows for an assortment of food types. Their diet can consist of a good mix of both meat/protein and veggies or even certain fruits. This means as long as their nutritional requirements are met they can even be fed a vegetarian meal.

Pets’ nutritional needs are unlike ours. Make sure you don’t feed your dog or cat everything you eat. There are definite food types that must be completely avoided for each of them. Be aware and considerate of what you feed your pet. Water is vital and must be provided with clean, fresh water in abundance.

This is a topic that can be very detailed if studied in depth. For starters it is best to keep these in mind while feeding your furry one. Ensure a complete, healthy meal is served during every timely spread. Additionally some form of exercise will aid in having a fit and active lifestyle.  A vet can advise on some specific food groups that will enhance your pet’s diet for their overall wellbeing.


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