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Equine Insurance New Zealand

Equine pet insurance is incredibly important for horse owners. While there are no accurate statistics on the number of horses owned within New Zealand, a lot of these beautiful animals are terribly expensive and have a complex health system that needs to be protected.
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Equine Insurance NZ Horse Owners Can Trust

What’s more, many of these horses are used in equine shows which can take their toll on the horse, and a strong insurance policy is needed to protect the animal and guarantee its access to the veterinary services that it might require throughout its life.

At Petplan, we have been offering horse insurance solutions around the world for decades. When it comes to our horse insurance, NZ horse owners have trusted our policies since we arrived in the country in 2004.

Here is why we have grown to become the most successful insurance provider over the last 14 years.

Equine Pet Insurance with Petplan

A lot of insurance companies offer a range of plans in a range of industries. This includes home insurance, health insurance, property insurance, etc.

This is fine, but we have made it a point of pride to remain focused entirely on pet and animal insurance. This means that we are truly experts in everything to do with our domain and that our customers can feel confident that they are making the best choice when they come to us for equine insurance cover.

Happy Customers

As a homeowner in NZ, you will be a part of the community, and you may have heard Petplan mentioned in conversation. We are one of the main providers of equine insurance in the country, and we have a host of loyal customers throughout New Zealand.

When it comes to getting a good idea of the performance of an insurance company, it’s best to ask existing customers. We have a range of testimonials that you can browse through, and we encourage you to ask your network about our coverage.

The Best Pricing

We understand that owning a horse can be incredibly expensive which is why we don’t want our policies to break the bank. You’ll find that our prices are all reasonably priced, and offer the best possible insurance coverage for your horse.

If you want to find out more about our pricing, getting a quote is simple. We have an online tool that you can use to get an accurate estimate for your plan, and you can, of course, discuss your needs with one of our helpful representatives if that’s what you prefer.

Peace of Mind

All of us hope that we never have to use our insurance, but part of being a responsible person is having it. Once your policy is signed, you can rest assured that if any unfortunate event comes to pass your horse will get the best treatment possible and you won’t have to worry about astronomical veterinary fees.

Contact Us Today for a Free Quote on Horse Insurance

If you are interested in our horse insurance policies, then you should visit our website to learn more about us and how we can offer you the best coverage possible.
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Equine Insurance

Horse Insurance

This is the base cover offered by Petplan Equine Insurance. This refers to either the death of your horse or its physical disappearance, whether by theft or straying.


Insurance For Your Horse Float or Horse Drawn

Float, Saddlery & tack

Petplan Equine offers insurance for your horse float or horse drawn vehicle.


Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability

Horses are naturally flight animals and due to their natural instincts can act out of the ordinary and potentially cause risk to themselves and to others


Customer Stories

Fast, efficient and easy to deal with, affordable, although I have never had a claim, I have used Petplan on and off for 5 or so years



The Arena

For all your horse know-how, visit the Arena where you’ll find training tips, horse health and much more..


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