Working With Breeders

Petplan Preferred Breeders send their puppies & kittens home with a free policy:

Petplan is very proud of the relationship we have within the dog and cat breeder community. Currently we are working with over 1,000 Breeders ​throughout New Zealand to provide puppy and kitten insurance for their new litters. This means when the puppy or kitten leaves the Breeder to go to their new homes, it goes with a 6 weeks Free Petplan Puppy or Kitten Insurance Policy. At Petplan we believe that the welfare of the animal should be at the heart of what we do. Petplan Preferred Breeders recommend Petplan’s ‘Covered for Life’ insurance to new puppy and kitten owners as this can provide their pets with continuous veterinary fee insurance cover should the unexpected happen.

Petplan Preferred Breeders accrue Breeder Bonus Points for every Puppy/Kitten sold with a Free policy activated by the Breeder. Bonus points can be redeemed for a store voucher. Additional bonus points are earned for every activated Free Policy that is converted by the new owner to a full annual policy.

To find out more about becoming a Petplan Preferred Breeder and being able to provide 6 weeks Free puppy or kitten insurance to new owners please click here.

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